Lee Sun Kyun Found Dead – Police Confirm Tragic Passing

In a shocking turn of events, Lee Sun Kyun, renowned for his roles in Coffee Prince and Parasite, has passed away at the age of 48. The tragic incident unfolded on the morning of December 27th, and South Korean police have officially confirmed his death.

Discovery of Unconscious Actor

"Renowned actor Lee Sun Kyun's untimely demise shocks as police confirm his death in a parked car. Details unfold on suicide note and drug investigation."

Earlier in the day, reports emerged that Lee Sun Kyun was discovered unconscious inside his vehicle. The Seoul Seongbuk Police Station revealed that an unconscious man was found in a parked car within Waryong Park in the Jongno district of Seoul. The police received an emergency call from a distressed woman reporting her husband’s departure after leaving behind a suicide note.

Police Confirmation and Investigation

Responding swiftly to the distress call, the police officially confirmed the identity of the deceased as Lee Sun Kyun. Disturbingly, evidence of burning charcoal briquettes inside his car was found, potentially indicating suicide as the cause of death. The unfolding details of this tragic incident are currently under active investigation.

Connection to Drug Abuse Allegations

The actor had been under investigation since October for alleged illicit drug use. Lee Sun Kyun had submitted a written statement through his lawyer to the Incheon Police Agency’s drug crime investigation unit on December 26th, expressing a desire for a lie detector test.

Lee Sun Kyun’s Career and Legacy

Lee Sun Kyun initiated his acting journey in 2001, gaining mainstream popularity through roles in K-dramas like White Tower and Coffee Prince. He achieved widespread recognition for his performance in Bong Joon-ho’s Academy Award-winning 2019 film, Parasite, earning him the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance.

Note on Sensitive Content

Trigger Warning: This article contains references to suicide. If you know someone who is struggling, please reach out to a nearby doctor, mental health expert, or an NGO for immediate help. Helplines are available for support.

The untimely demise of Lee Sun Kyun has left the entertainment industry and fans in shock. As the investigation unfolds, our thoughts are with his family, friends, and fans during this difficult time.

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