Kriti Sanon Extends Heartfelt Congratulations To Pankaj Tripathi On His National Film Award Win

On August 24, the winners of the prestigious 69th National Film Awards were officially unveiled. Among the honored recipients was Pankaj Tripathi, who received the Best Supporting Actor award for his exceptional performance in the movie “Mimi”.

Recognition for Outstanding Performance

"Kriti Sanon celebrates Pankaj Tripathi's Best Supporting Actor win at National Film Awards 2023 for Mimi, expressing heartfelt joy."

Pankaj Tripathi’s remarkable portrayal in “Mimi” garnered him the Best Supporting Actor award at the National Film Awards 2023. The film, released in 2021, showcased his brilliant acting prowess and was acknowledged by this prestigious accolade.

Celebratory Cheers from Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon, the lead actress of “Mimi”, which earned her the Best Actress award, took a moment to celebrate her co-star’s achievement. In a heartfelt gesture, she congratulated Pankaj Tripathi for his win.

Delayed Gratification Due to Pandemic

The awards ceremony was delayed by two years due to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. This year’s winners, including Pankaj Tripathi, were finally acknowledged for their outstanding contributions to the Indian cinema industry.

A Token of Congratulations on Instagram

Actress Kriti Sanon, herself a recipient of an award, took to her Instagram Stories to express her jubilation for Pankaj Tripathi’s win. She shared a behind-the-scenes still from “Mimi” and wrote, “Congratulations to my favvvvv @pankajtripathi sir!! ❤️🤗 Your father would be so so proud..”

A Bittersweet Victory

Pankaj Tripathi’s victory was accompanied by a touch of melancholy, as he shared that his father, Pandit Banaras Tiwari, passed away recently at the age of 99. Despite the personal loss, Tripathi expressed his gratitude and mentioned that his father’s values and principles have been instrumental in shaping his journey as an actor.

The National Film Awards 2023 marked a significant recognition of talent within the Indian film industry. Pankaj Tripathi’s win for Best Supporting Actor, and the warm congratulatory message from his co-star Kriti Sanon, showcased the camaraderie and appreciation that exists among colleagues in the entertainment realm.

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