Kim Sejeong Exposes Industry’s Toll On Her In Drama Vs. Music

South Korean actress and singer Kim Sejeong, known for her roles in successful projects like Business Proposal and The Uncanny Encounter, recently shed light on the challenges she faces in the entertainment industry. In a candid interview, she discussed the toll that fame takes on her appearance and well-being.

A Striking Transformation: Singer vs. Actor

South Korean actress and singer Kim Sejeong opens up about the challenges she faces in maintaining her appearance, shedding light on the stark differences between her experiences as a singer and an actor in the industry. Find out how she copes with the pressure and transformations demanded by her roles.

Kim Sejeong, who started her career as an idol, has been enjoying the success of The Uncanny Encounter 2. However, she made a surprising comeback as a singer with her latest song, ‘Top or Cliff.’ During an appearance on Lee Mujin’s Service show, she talked about the industry’s dark side, where artists are often pushed to undergo drastic transformations.

Feeling Like a Different Person in Drama

When host Lee Mujin noticed a difference in Kim Sejeong’s appearance, he inquired about it. Kim Sejeong honestly acknowledged that when she’s acting in a drama, she feels like she’s not herself. This revelation highlights the pressure actors face to conform to certain standards of appearance.

Struggles with Weight and Dieting

Kim Sejeong further elaborated on her strict dieting regimen to maintain a certain appearance, revealing the challenges she faces in keeping her weight down. She admitted to losing a significant amount of weight recently, but only for a short period, emphasizing the difficulty of maintaining her desired physique.

Juggling Different Diets

The actress-singer shared that her diet varies depending on whether she’s working on a drama or a music video. For her drama roles, the effects of dieting come and go, but for music video promotions, she adopts a more stringent diet due to the shorter time frame.

Industry Secrets Unveiled

Kim Sejeong’s candid interview also exposed some of the industry’s secrets. She expressed constant worries about her weight and revealed that it’s her singing career that places the most pressure on her to maintain a specific appearance.

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