Khan Reflects On His Tere Naam Character Radhe: “Mujhe Itna Dar Laga Ki Maine Socha Mai Ye Nahi Karunga…”

Salman Khan’s iconic portrayal of an obsessive lover and a bully in the movie Tere Naam garnered both critical acclaim and commercial success. However, in a revealing interview, Salman Khan expressed his concerns about this character, Radhe, and urged fans not to emulate his actions.

The Controversy Surrounding Tere Naam

In a throwback interview, Salman Khan opens up about his concerns regarding his character Radhe in Tere Naam and warns fans against emulating him.

Despite the film’s popularity, Tere Naam faced criticism for glorifying a character who resort to violence. Salman Khan, known for his influential roles in Bollywood, was asked to reflect on a character that left him worried, and he didn’t hesitate to name Radhe from ‘Tere Naam.’ He candidly admitted, “Mujhe itna dar laga, ki maine socha mai ye nahi karunga (I thought of quitting).”

A Rare Pre-Film Promotion Strategy

What makes this revelation more intriguing is that Salman Khan had contemplated promoting the film by cautioning the audience against following Radhe’s actions even before the movie was released. He stated, “Aisa first time hua ki maine picture karne se pehle promotion soch liya tha. Maine socha tha ki sabko bolunga ki ye picture zaroor dekhna, but is character ko kabhi follow mat karna (I had planned already of telling people that please do not follow the character) He is a loser character.”

A Character’s Destructive Obsession

In Tere Naam, Radhe’s relentless pursuit of love leads to his own downfall. Salman Khan emphasized the destructive nature of Radhe’s obsession, saying, “Yeh ek ladki ke piche pagal ho raha hai aur apni zindagi barbad kar diya. Nahi hota, nahi hota, age badho life me (Radhe is crazy for a girl and destroys his life. You must move on in life).” He further clarified that while fans could imitate Radhe’s style and fashion sense, they should not emulate his personality.

Reflecting on Influence in Cinema

Years after Tere Naam’s release, the actor Satish Kaushik drew comparisons between Radhe and the character in Kabir Singh. He revealed that Salman Khan had expressed concerns even during the shooting of Tere Naam, stating that they should be cautious about the message they send to the youth. Salman has always been conscious of the impact of his on-screen characters on his fans.

Salman Khan’s candid admission about his concerns regarding Radhe’s character in Tere Naam sheds light on the actor’s commitment to responsible storytelling in cinema.

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