Karan Johar’s Decision: Saying No To Hollywood And Dreaming Of Meryl Streep

In a recent revelation at the Red Sea International Film Festival 2023, where Karan Johar received the Variety Vanguard Award, the acclaimed filmmaker opened up about his decision to turn down the opportunity to direct a Hollywood film. Here’s an in-depth look at his insights during the conversation.

Award Recognition and Red Sea International Film Festival

Unveiling Karan Johar's exclusive revelations on rejecting Hollywood, his love for Indian cinema, and the dream of meeting iconic actress Meryl Streep.

Karan Johar, honored with the Variety Vanguard Award at the Red Sea International Film Festival, shared his thoughts on various aspects of his career, including films, shows, and addressing the persistent topic of nepotism.

Hollywood Ambitions Unveiled

During an exclusive interaction with Variety, Johar was questioned about his interest in venturing into Hollywood and directing movies there. Contrary to expectations, the filmmaker expressed a lack of enthusiasm for the idea. He stated, “I don’t need to make an English film to win the Variety Vanguard Award. It would be amazing to walk the Academy Awards red carpet, but I would like for it to be with a Hindi-language film.”

Lessons from Los Angeles

Johar reflected on his past experiences, mentioning that after filming “My Name is Khan” in the US, he made frequent visits to Los Angeles. Despite having discussions with Hollywood production houses, he realized his true passion lies in creating Indian movies. He said, “It took a couple of trips to Los Angeles to realize that it is all wonderful and you have a lot of meetings, but my heart is in my country and my cinema is in my heart. I don’t want to leave that. I don’t want to make films without the language that’s raised me.”

A Hollywood Dream: Meeting Meryl Streep

While dismissing Hollywood film offers, Johar expressed a personal aspiration – meeting legendary actress Meryl Streep. He said, “It’s the only item on my bucket list. If I could have an hour with her, I could die and go to heaven. Her ability to be relevant in any decade is so admirable.”

Karan Johar’s Recent Work

Johar’s recent directorial venture, “Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani,” received acclaim from both critics and audiences. This film marked his comeback after a hiatus, coinciding with his 25th year as a director. Additionally, Johar has a diverse array of production projects, showcasing his ongoing commitment to the Indian film industry.

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