Janhvi Kapoor Opens Up On Avoiding Recreating Sridevi’s Iconic Dialogues”

Janhvi Kapoor recently delved into her feelings about her late mother, the legendary actor Sridevi. In a candid interview with AajTak, Janhvi shared the challenges she faces as an artist when objectively studying her mother’s iconic work.

Janhvi’s Artistic Dilemma

"Janhvi Kapoor shares the emotional challenge of avoiding her mother Sridevi's iconic dialogues and her readiness to explore Sridevi's work in a new light."

During the interaction, Janhvi Kapoor was questioned about her process as an actor, specifically if she has ever analyzed Sridevi’s work and attempted to recreate her iconic scenes. In response, she revealed a personal struggle: she refrains from recreating her mother’s dialogues. This decision is rooted in Sridevi’s own aversion to watching her films while she was alive. Janhvi acknowledged the added difficulty after her mother’s passing, making it even more challenging to objectively study and recreate her work.

A Shift in Perspective

Despite the initial hesitation, Janhvi shared that her upcoming debut in South Indian films, alongside Jr NTR in Koratala Siva’s NTR30, has prompted her to revisit Sridevi’s filmography. She expressed a newfound readiness to objectively study her mother’s work, mentioning, “Now that I am debuting in South Indian films, I feel ready to objectively study her work. I have started watching her old films. I have never tried reciting any of her dialogues (before).”

Navigating Stardom and Legacy

Facing Scrutiny as a Bollywood Insider

Janhvi Kapoor, being part of a Bollywood legacy and the daughter of one of India’s greatest female stars, acknowledged the unique challenges she faces. Addressing the scrutiny that comes with her connection to the Kapoor family, she noted the different perspectives in the industry. While acknowledging her privileged position, she emphasized the challenges faced by those outside the industry trying to secure their first chance.

Finding Comfort in Opportunities

Despite the additional pressure associated with her familial connections, Janhvi expressed contentment with the opportunities she has received. She believes that the struggles faced by non-insiders trying to break into the industry are more relatable, emphasizing her gratitude for the chances she has been given.

Janhvi Kapoor’s Upcoming Projects

Diverse Roles on the Horizon

Looking ahead, Janhvi Kapoor has an exciting lineup of projects, including her recent collaboration with Varun Dhawan in “Bawaal” and upcoming films like “Mr and Mrs Mahi” and “Ulajh.”

Janhvi Kapoor’s revelations provide a glimpse into the emotional complexities she faces as she navigates her mother’s legacy and carves her own path in the entertainment industry.

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