‘It Took Me By A Storm…’: Tamannaah Bhatia On How Social Media Negativity Affected Her

Tamannaah Bhatia, a versatile actress in both South Indian and Bollywood cinema, has candidly addressed her encounter with social media negativity. In a recent conversation, she shared her journey of coping with online hate and how she managed to overcome it.

Initial Struggles with Social Media Negativity

 Tamannaah Bhatia discusses overcoming social media negativity and focusing on self-worth and self-empowerment.

In her conversation with Luke Coutinho, Tamannaah revealed her initial struggles when facing hate and negativity on social media. She emphasized the importance of public approval in her profession and admitted that the initial wave of negativity took her by surprise. She recalled feeling uncomfortable and questioning herself, wondering if she had done something wrong.

Self-Discovery and Resilience

The “Lust Stories 2” actress then shared how she managed to emerge stronger from this experience. She realized that the negative comments were not a reflection of her true self but rather projections of the individuals making them. This realization enabled her to detach from the hurtful comments and focus on her personal growth. She expressed the importance of defining herself based on her beliefs rather than others’ opinions. Tamannaah emphasized that people criticizing her had no insight into her life, making their judgments irrelevant.

Tamannaah Bhatia’s Upcoming Ventures

Apart from addressing social media negativity, Tamannaah Bhatia is actively pursuing her career. She recently featured in the Tamil film “Jailer,” which achieved significant commercial success. Additionally, she took on the role of a police officer in the web series “Aakhri Sach.” Her upcoming projects include the Malayalam film “Bandra,” a Tamil film titled “Aranmanai 4,” and the Bollywood movie “Vedaa” alongside John Abraham.

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