Ishaan Khatter Turns Photographer For Chandni Bainz: 5 Times Their Romance Ignited Speculation

Pippa actor Ishaan Khatter has recently shared a captivating photo of his rumored girlfriend, Chandni Bainz, on his Instagram account. The post not only highlights Khatter’s photography prowess but also adds fuel to the ongoing dating speculations surrounding the rumored couple.

Ishaan Khatter’s Artistic Glimpse into London’s Tate Modern

"Ishaan Khatter sparks dating rumors again, showcasing his photography on Instagram with Chandni Bainz. A look at their five headline-making moments together."

Ishaan Khatter, known for his acting skills, also boasts a talent for photography, evident from his separate Instagram account, ‘Ishaanslens.’ In his latest post, Khatter shared artistic photos, presumably taken during a visit to an art gallery in London with Chandni Bainz.

Five Instances Fueling Dating Rumors

1. Ishaan and Chandni’s First Public Appearance

In September, shortly after dating rumors surfaced, Ishaan Khatter and Chandni Bainz made their first public appearance, walking hand-in-hand at an event in Mumbai.

2. Kashmir Holiday Speculation

Around the same time, both Khatter and Bainz posted solo pictures from their Kashmir holiday, leaving fans to speculate about a possible shared vacation.

3. Dinner Date Confirmation

In October, paparazzi spotted the duo on a dinner date, further confirming their close relationship as they were seen walking arm-in-arm.

4. Chandni’s Support for ‘Pippa’

Chandni Bainz attended the screening of Ishaan Khatter’s movie ‘Pippa,’ expressing her excitement and support for the actor and the film.

5. Ishaan Seeing Off Chandni After ‘Pippa’ Screening

After the ‘Pippa’ screening, Ishaan Khatter was photographed escorting Chandni Bainz to her car, providing yet another glimpse into their rumored relationship.

Ishaan Khatter’s Professional Endeavors

Aside from his personal life, Ishaan Khatter’s professional journey is highlighted. His recent role in the Raja Krishna Menon directorial ‘Pippa’ has earned him acclaim, portraying the character of real-life war hero Captain Balram Singh Mehta.

The continuous display of togetherness and shared moments by Ishaan Khatter and Chandni Bainz keeps their fans intrigued, prompting ongoing speculations about the nature of their relationship. As Khatter continues to shine in his career, his personal life remains a subject of fascination for many.

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