Imran Khan On ‘Luck’: A Rollercoaster Of Regret And Surprise

In a recent interview, Bollywood actor Imran Khan delves into his acting journey, expressing nostalgia for past successes and candidly addressing the reception of one particular film, “Luck.”

Rediscovering Past Projects

"Bollywood star Imran Khan bares his soul on the harsh reception of 'Luck' and the unexpected joy of rediscovering its hidden merits. A candid comeback story."

Imran Khan, renowned for his roles in “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na” and “Delhi Belly,” revisited his filmography during an interaction on the IFP YouTube channel. While he warmly acknowledged the positive aspects of some projects, he took a different stance when discussing the 2009 film “Luck.”

Harsh Reception for “Luck”

Describing “Luck” as a disaster, Imran recounted the harsh criticism and backlash he faced upon its release. He revealed that people figuratively wanted to “tar and feather” him for his involvement in what they perceived as a “horrible film.” The actor expressed his bewilderment at receiving positive feedback for a project he considered a low point in his career.

A Strange Feeling of Appreciation

Imran Khan shared his discomfort with the fact that some people genuinely appreciate “Luck.” He questioned the sincerity behind such compliments, stating that hearing someone say “woohoo” about the film feels strange to him. Despite his initial negative perception, he acknowledged the transformative journey of reshaping his perspective on the film.

Imran Khan’s Comeback

Having been absent from the silver screen since 2015, Imran Khan hinted at a comeback. He is set to collaborate with director Abbas Tyrewala for an espionage thriller web series, marking his return to acting after an eight-year hiatus.

Imran Khan’s interview offers a candid insight into the highs and lows of his cinematic journey. From fondly reminiscing about successful projects to confronting the criticism surrounding “Luck,” the actor reflects on the evolving nature of his career.

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