Gautam Rode And Pankhuri Awasthy’s Beach Vacation Bliss: A Journey Through Time

Gautam Rode, along with his wife Pankhuri Awasthy, delighted fans by sharing a captivating video on social media, showcasing some of their fondest moments from their beach vacations over the years. The couple, recently blessed with twin babies, has been known for offering glimpses into their personal life on various social media platforms.

The Nostalgic Compilation

"Dive into the enchanting world of Gautam Rode and Pankhuri Awasthy's beach vacation, from Suryaputra Karna to the joys of parenthood. A tale of love and nostalgia."

The video, curated by Gautam Rode, begins with the caption “At the Beach, Over the Years.” It features a blend of throwback and recent photos, taking the audience on a nostalgic journey. Notably, it includes a mix of recent captures and older images from their time together on the set of the TV serial ‘Suryaputra Karna,’ where their love story first blossomed.

From Suryaputra Karna to Parenthood

The visuals not only depict the couple’s evolving relationship but also include solo shots of Gautam and Pankhuri, showcasing their connection with the sea. The compilation, accompanied by the caption, “Reel made by iPhone, not by me!” indicates the organic and candid nature of the shared moments.

Heartwarming Fan Reactions

The video garnered heartwarming responses from fans, with many expressing nostalgia and admiration for the couple. Comments ranged from reminiscing about Gautam Rode’s past TV roles to acknowledging the couple’s timeless love story. The comment section overflowed with sentiments like “You two are forever young” and “A beautiful love story.”

A Love Story From the Sets of Suryaputra Karna

For those unfamiliar with their journey, Pankhuri Awasthy and Gautam Rode met on the sets of ‘Suryaputra Karna,’ where Awasthy played Draupadi, and Rode played the lead role of Karn. After dating for several years, they tied the knot in February 2018 in Alwar. This year, the couple embraced parenthood with the arrival of their twin babies, Radhya and Raditya, in July.

Gautam Rode’s Upcoming Debut

Shifting focus to their professional lives, Gautam Rode is set to make his debut in the Malayalam film industry with the upcoming movie ‘Bandra.’ While playing a cameo role, Rode will join a cast of prominent actors, marking a significant step in his career.

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