From Crushed Dreams To Rom-Com Triumph: Julia Roberts’ Pretty Woman And Its Unexpected Transformation

Julia Roberts recently shared insights into the initial version of the iconic 1990 rom-com Pretty Woman. Titled ‘$3,000,’ the original script portrayed Vivian Ward as a drug addict, with the movie concluding with Edward leaving her in a dimly lit side street after their night together. Roberts admitted feeling “crushed” when the production company behind the project folded, leading to the disappearance of the film.

Disney’s Unexpected Intervention

"Discover Julia Roberts' journey from disappointment to acclaim as she reveals the darker original plot of Pretty Woman. Explore why Disney's intervention turned it into a heartwarming rom-com, grossing $463.4 million."

The plot took an unexpected turn when Disney stepped in to revive the project. Julia Roberts, proud of landing the role initially, expressed her initial dismay at the film’s disappearance after the production company’s closure. However, Disney’s involvement proved to be a game-changer, as they transformed the dark narrative into a funny and heartwarming tale that grossed an impressive $463.4 million, securing Roberts a Golden Globe and Academy Award nomination.

Julia Roberts’ Journey of Doubt

Despite the eventual success, Julia Roberts initially questioned Disney’s ability to adapt the script to their style. In a 2019 interview with Variety, she admitted feeling like she “had no business being in a movie like that.” To prepare for her role as Vivian, Roberts even spent time with real-life sex workers.

The Pretty Woman We Know Today

The well-known conclusion of Pretty Woman, with Richard Gere’s character rescuing Vivian from her life as a prostitute, is a far cry from the film’s original dark plan. The heartwarming promise of “rescuing him right back” in the final scene has become iconic. The enduring success of Pretty Woman led to a Broadway adaptation in 2018, running for a year in New York City’s Nederlander theater.

Anecdotes from Behind the Scenes

Barbara Marshall, the widow of director Garry Marshall, shared amusing anecdotes about Roberts’ dedication to her role. In one incident, Roberts recruited two women from a clinic and surprised everyone by taking them on a drive to Hollywood Boulevard. Despite initial concerns, Roberts proved to be a tough lady both on and off camera.

From Disappointment to Triumph

Pretty Woman, co-starring Richard Gere, Jason Alexander, Laura San Giacomo, and Hector Elizondo, became a massive hit, marking a significant moment in Julia Roberts’ career. The film’s enduring success underscores Roberts’ remarkable journey from initial disappointment to becoming a central figure in one of the most cherished romantic comedies of all time.

Looking Back at Pretty Woman

The original plan for Pretty Woman as a dark and gritty drama titled ‘3000’ is revealed in older interviews. Julia Roberts’ journey with the film, from the initial disappointment to the unexpected success, highlights the unpredictable nature of Hollywood and the transformative power of a well-executed script.

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