Doja Cat’s Hilarious Rant About Her Uncomfortable Victoria’s Secret Outfit

Doja Cat, the popular American rapper and singer, recently made headlines with her candid rant about an uncomfortable outfit she wore at a Victoria’s Secret event. Known for her humor and honesty, she compared her experience to a block of cheddar cheese. Let’s delve into the details of this entertaining and relatable story.

The Uncomfortable Outfit

"Doja Cat, known for her candidness, took to Instagram to share her humorous yet honest rant about wearing an uncomfortable Victoria's Secret outfit, comparing it to a block of cheddar cheese. Here's what she had to say."

Doja Cat attended a Victoria’s Secret event wearing a striking black sleeveless gown. The dress featured a deep V neckline and a plunging back that revealed her thong. While the outfit undoubtedly turned heads, it wasn’t all glamour for the singer.

Doja Cat’s Unfiltered Rant

Taking to her Instagram story, Doja Cat didn’t hold back as she vented her frustration about the dress. She humorously expressed how uncomfortable it was, saying, “It’s crazy when you’ve got a dress on, and your whole vgina is out the whole night.” She went on to complain about the dress’s straps, which seemed determined to pull her “tts all the way down to your knees.”

Comparing It to Cheddar Cheese

Doja Cat’s witty and vivid description continued as she compared the dress to a slip dress she had requested, but evidently didn’t receive. She amusingly remarked, “All 4 lips out swinging in the f—in breeze, but I make lemons out of lemonade.”

In another post, she lamented the “UNADJUSTABLE straps” that marred what she otherwise described as a “beautiful night.” Her humor didn’t stop there. In a third post, she took her description to the next level, saying, “When I tell you the p*nty was built into the dress so when I put it on, the shoulder straps pulled the string up through my cervix and split me like a block of sharp cheddar cheese.”

The Viral Impact

Although the story was deleted from her Instagram account, it quickly gained traction on Twitter, shared by a user known as @VANITYxVAULT. Fans praised Doja Cat for her candidness and humor, with some lauding her for opening up about the discomfort she faced while wearing such dresses.

Doja Cat’s hilarious and relatable rant about her uncomfortable Victoria’s Secret outfit has endeared her even more to her fans. Her candidness and humor in addressing a common issue in the fashion world have struck a chord with many. Whether or not Victoria’s Secret takes note, Doja Cat’s fans appreciate her for keeping it real.

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