Director Sajid Khan Addresses Mistaken Identity Controversy: ‘I’M Alive’

In a recent video, Sajid Khan, the director of Housefull fame, addressed the confusion surrounding his identity after some mistakenly believed he had passed away. This mix-up arose as a result of confusion with the late actor Sajid Khan, known for playing the younger version of Sunil Dutt’s character in the iconic film Mother India.

The Unfortunate Passing of Mother India Actor Sajid Khan

"Director Sajid Khan puts rumors to rest, assuring fans he's alive and well. Watch the video where he clarifies the confusion with the late Mother India actor Sajid Khan."

Actor Sajid Khan, recognized for his role as the younger Birju in Mehboob Khan’s Mother India, recently lost his battle with cancer on December 22. The news of his demise led to a mix-up with director Sajid Khan, prompting the latter to issue a clarification.

Sajid Khan’s Video Response

Taking to his Instagram account, Sajid Khan shared a video message to dispel the confusion. In the video, he explained the distinction between himself and the late actor. He expressed condolences for the actor’s passing, emphasizing that they were two different individuals from different generations.

Addressing Irresponsible Media Reports

Sajid Khan went on to criticize some media outlets for irresponsibly using his photo alongside the news of the actor’s death. He urged the media and his fans to verify information before spreading it, emphasizing the importance of accurate reporting.

Reassurance of Life and Continued Entertainment

Acknowledging the concerns raised by people questioning his well-being, Sajid Khan reassured everyone that he is alive and well. He extended gratitude to his fans, friends, and the media for their support and clarified that he will continue to entertain his audience.

Sajid Khan’s Professional Background

The video also highlighted Sajid Khan’s contributions to the film industry, mentioning his directorial ventures such as Heyy Babyy, Housefull, and others. It provided context to his diverse roles in the world of entertainment, including acting in films like Mjhooth Bale Kkauwa Kaate, Happy New Year, and Mujhse Shaadi Karogi.

Remembrance of Mother India Actor Sajid Khan

The article also briefly paid tribute to the late Mother India actor, highlighting his significant roles in films like Son of India and listing some of his notable works.

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