Director Anil Sharma Addresses Govinda’s Claim In “Gadar 2”

In a recent interview, Anil Sharma, the director of “Gadar 2,” addressed the ongoing controversy surrounding Govinda’s claim to have been the first choice for the film. Sharma sheds light on the misunderstanding and sets the record straight.

Setting the Box Office Ablaze

“The second installment of the blockbuster hit, ‘Gadar,’ starring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, has set new records at the box office,” Sharma proudly acknowledges. Despite the grand release of Shah Rukh Khan’s “Pathaan,” “Gadar 2” continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Anil Sharma Breaks His Silence

Anil Sharma recently sat down for an extensive interview to clear the air surrounding Govinda’s claims. The director opens up about the misconception and sets the story straight.

A Misunderstanding Unveiled

Sharma reveals that Govinda misunderstood their conversation, assuming he was being approached for the lead role opposite Sunny Deol. However, the director firmly clarifies that the role was always intended for Sunny Deol.

Govinda’s Busy Schedule

Director Anil Sharma recently addressed Govinda's claim of being the first choice for "Gadar 2," shedding light on a notable misunderstanding while sharing insights into the Bollywood industry dynamics.

Sharma also points out that Govinda’s busy schedule may have contributed to the misunderstanding. The actor was occupied with multiple commitments at the time, which might have clouded his recollection of their conversation.

Industry Insights

In an interesting revelation, Anil Sharma shares a glimpse into the workings of the Bollywood industry. He recounts how similar incidents occurred with other renowned actors like Salman Khan. These insights shed light on the dynamics of casting and decision-making in Bollywood.

Anil Sharma’s Previous Revelations

The interview also touches upon Anil Sharma’s previous statements regarding Priyanka Chopra, where he discussed her nose job and her removal from certain film projects.

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