Dhanush’s Son Yatra Faces Fine For Riding Superbike Without Helmet

Actor Dhanush’s son Yatra has recently made headlines for violating traffic rules, leading to a police fine of Rs 1000. The incident involved Yatra riding a superbike without wearing a helmet and lacking a driver’s license. The situation unfolded in the Poes Garden area of Chennai and was captured in a viral video.

Traffic Violations Caught on Video

Yatra, son of actor Dhanush, fined Rs 1000 for violating traffic rules by riding a superbike without a helmet and driver's license.

In the video, Yatra was seen riding the superbike without a helmet, with the bike’s number plate not visible. Furthermore, he was without his driver’s license, intensifying the traffic violations. A guide was accompanying Yatra, aiding him in learning how to ride the two-wheeler.

Police Confirmation and Fine Imposition

Police authorities confirmed Yatra’s identity through his mother, Aishwarya Rajinikanth, as he was wearing a mask in the video. Following an investigation, a fine of Rs 1000 was imposed on Yatra for the traffic violations. Despite the separation of Dhanush and Aishwarya Rajinikanth, both remain dedicated to prioritizing their sons’ well-being.

Yatra Raja and Linga’s Festive Celebration

Dhanush’s sons, Yatra Raja and Linga, recently celebrated Diwali with their mother Aishwarya and grandfather Rajinikanth. Despite their parents’ separation, the family was seen enjoying quality time together during festive occasions.

Grandfather Rajinikanth’s Active Involvement

Rajinikanth actively participates in his grandchildren’s lives whenever his busy schedule allows. Pictures from the Diwali celebration, shared by industry insiders, showcased the joyous family moments.

Upcoming Projects of Dhanush

Looking ahead, Dhanush is set to star in Arun Matheswaran’s period action film, “Captain Miller,” scheduled for release during Pongal 2024. The film features an ensemble cast and will be released in three parts. Additionally, Dhanush is working on his second directorial venture, tentatively titled “D50,” which marks his 50th project in the film industry.

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