Cyrus Broacha Reveals The Infinite Reason For His Exit: Licious Infiniti Delight

In a surprising turn of events, Cyrus Broacha, a familiar face in the entertainment world, has revealed the real reason behind his sudden departure from a well-known television house. The revelation comes after a cryptic video posted earlier, which left fans and followers speculating about his exit. Broacha, known for his humor and wit, has finally shed light on the mystery through a video on his Instagram account.

Licious Infiniti: The Decisive Factor

Cyrus Broacha surprises fans by disclosing his departure from the house's secret - Licious Infiniti, a reward program that has won his heart and appetite. Supportive friends back his meaty choice.

Contrary to various speculations and bizarre reasons circulating about his departure, Cyrus Broacha has clarified that the sole reason he left the house was due to the launch of Licious Infiniti, a reward-based program by the popular meat brand Licious. The announcement was made in a video that showcases Broacha’s enthusiasm for the program and his affinity for Licious products.

An Offer Too Good to Refuse

Cyrus Broacha’s joy is palpable as he shares his delight in being associated with Licious Infiniti. He expresses how he eagerly embraced the opportunity to leave the house and enjoy Licious products in the comfort of his own home. A self-proclaimed lover of meat, Broacha cites the enticing benefits of Licious Infiniti as the driving force behind his decision.

Meat, Money, and More

In his video, Broacha humorously reveals his motivation: a love for both meat and money. He confesses his passion for fresh meats and seafood and underscores his appreciation for the financial benefits offered by the Licious Infiniti rewards program. According to Broacha, the program provides cash benefits with every meat purchase, with no limits imposed.

Celebrity Support and Reactions

Broacha’s revelation has garnered support and reactions from his close friends and fellow ex-housemates. Kunal Vijaykar, an actor and food writer, playfully speculates about Broacha’s newfound priorities, humorously linking his exit to his penchant for handling chicken wings. Other celebrities, like Indian actor Karan Kundraa, television actress Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, and model Jasmine Bhasin, express their amusement and admiration for Broacha’s decision to prioritize his passion.

Licious Infiniti: A Delight for Meat Lovers

As the news of Broacha’s exit gains traction, it’s important to note that Licious recently celebrated its 8-year anniversary and introduced Licious Infiniti as a gesture of gratitude to its customers. The reward-based program, available exclusively on the Licious App, offers a range of benefits including a guaranteed 10% cashback, free delivery, and a money-back guarantee. With no restrictive terms and conditions, the program encourages customers to indulge in their love for meat and reap the rewards.

Cyrus Broacha’s unexpected exit from the television house has been attributed to his passion for Licious Infiniti, a reward-based program launched by the renowned meat brand Licious. His departure, once shrouded in mystery, has now been illuminated by his candid admission. As Licious Infiniti gains prominence, meat enthusiasts can explore its enticing benefits and relish the opportunity to earn rewards with every purchase.

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