Celebrities Stand By G-Dragon Amid Ongoing Drug Investigations

G-Dragon, a member of BIGBANG, faced drug accusations in October, leading to voluntary hair and urine tests on November 6. Despite negative results in the hair test, fingernail test results are pending. On November 7, G-Dragon shared a philosophical Instagram post about right and wrong, earning support from celebrities such as SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi and actor Lee Jin Wook.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi and Lee Jin Wook Among Supporters

SEVENTEEN's Hoshi, Lee Jin Wook, and other stars show support for G-Dragon's philosophy as he faces drug accusations. Latest updates on the ongoing investigation.

Lee Jin Wook, accused of sexual assault in 2016, along with SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, expressed solidarity with G-Dragon on social media. The post resonated with other personalities in the entertainment industry, fostering a display of unity.

G-Dragon’s Ongoing Drug Investigation

Initial Charges and Denial

Booked on October 25 for drug use charges, G-Dragon denied the allegations on October 27. Investigations began following another celebrity’s drug case. On November 6, G-Dragon underwent voluntary police questioning and tests. Reports of removing body hair to evade drug investigations were denied.

Test Results and Awaited Outcomes

On November 20, G-Dragon’s hair test results showed no drug use, while fingernail test results are pending. His lawyer criticized the police and media for spreading misinformation.

Disclaimer: Reach Out for Help

Warning and Helpline Information

A trigger warning is issued due to references to drug addiction and assault. If you know someone struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, authorities should be contacted. Various helplines are available for assistance.

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