Castaway Diva Controversy: Production Team Apologizes”

The ongoing K-drama, Castaway Diva, faces criticism as its production team comes under fire for negligent filming practices on Jeju Island. The team has issued a public apology addressing the controversy and pledging corrective actions.

Controversy Unveiled

Recent allegations accused the drama team of leaving numerous stones, used in a crucial scene, unattended on a Jeju Island beach after completing filming. The stones, forming an SOS sign on the beach, matched those abandoned, intensifying the outcry. Additionally, the production crew allegedly neglected obtaining necessary permissions for using public waters for filming.

Apology and Restoration Commitment

"Amidst the filming uproar on Jeju Island, Castaway Diva's production team issues a heartfelt apology, addressing concerns and vowing corrective actions. Read more."

In response to the escalating controversy, the production team shared on November 13 that, due to possible further filming, they consulted town officials before deciding to leave the stones in their original location. Despite prior explanations to residents and organizations, the team acknowledged negligence in the filming and recovery process, expressing deep apologies to Jeju Island residents. They vowed to promptly restore the filming site to its original state.

About Castaway Diva

Castaway Diva narrates the story of Seo Mok Ha, played by Park Eun Bin, who dreams of becoming a K-pop idol. After winning a competition, she heads to Seoul but faces an accident that leaves her stranded on an uninhabited island for 15 years.

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