BTS And SEVENTEEN Dominate November Boy Group Brand Reputation Rankings; NCT Follows Suit

The highly anticipated November boy group brand reputation rankings have been announced, with BTS securing the top position for the 66th consecutive month. SEVENTEEN and NCT also shine in the top spots, showcasing the ongoing influence and popularity of these K-pop idols.

BTS Maintains Unwavering Dominance

"Explore the November boy group brand reputation rankings as BTS and SEVENTEEN secure top spots, showcasing their continued influence in the K-pop scene. NCT follows closely behind."

BTS continues its reign at the pinnacle of the rankings, achieving a brand reputation index of 9,173,202. The group’s positive momentum is reflected in a notable 54.46 percent increase since October. Keywords associated with BTS include Jungkook, Billboard, and album, with an overwhelming 90.98 percent positive reactions.

SEVENTEEN’s Remarkable Climb

SEVENTEEN climbs to the second position, with a brand reputation index of 5,319,383, marking a significant 16.81 percent rise from the previous month. The group’s latest achievements, including their 11th mini album, SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN, contribute to their elevated reputation.

NCT’s Consistent Presence

NCT secures the third spot with a brand reputation index of 3,630,678, maintaining a strong presence in the top rankings. Despite a slight dip from the previous month, NCT’s continuous popularity is evident in their consistent placement.

Newcomer RIIZE and EXO Round Out Top 5

Newcomer boy group RIIZE makes a powerful debut, claiming the fourth position with a brand reputation index of 2,466,798. Meanwhile, EXO secures the fifth spot with an index of 2,264,965, showcasing the enduring popularity of this established group.

SEVENTEEN’s Anticipated Comeback

SEVENTEEN recently made a highly-anticipated comeback with their 11th mini album, SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN. The album, released on October 23, underscores the group’s continuous global appeal, leading to their fourth entry into the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 music charts.

Billboard 200 Success

SEVENTEEN’s SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN secures its place in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200, highlighting the group’s international recognition and success. This accomplishment adds to their already impressive track record on the Billboard charts.

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