Bright Vachirawit And Bella Campen Shine In Congrats, My Ex! – A Desi Twist On Thai Lovestory

In “Congrats, My Ex!”, Risa (Bella Ranee Campen), a struggling wedding planner, faces a turning point when she lands a gig to organize her ex-boyfriend Arun’s (Mahir Pandhi) wedding to Monica (Anahita Bhooshan). Adding to the chaos is Risa’s need to seek help from another ex, Tim (Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree), whom she had previously ghosted. The film takes an unexpected twist, making the Thai lovestory uniquely desi.

The Good: Visual Delights and Charming Performances

"Dive into the chaotic world of Congrats, My Ex! Bright Vachirawit and Bella Campen add a desi twist to this Thai rom-com. Read our review for all the details!"

Bella Campen and Bright Vachirawit shine on screen, their chemistry palpable in the well-styled characters. The visual appeal of Risa in a lehenga and Bright in a sherwani adds a touch of charm, with a standout dance sequence towards the end offering heart-fluttering moments between the lead characters.

The Bad: Struggling Against a Dysfunctional Screenplay

Despite the efforts of the cast, including Mahir Pandhi and Anahita Bhooshan, the film falls short of becoming a masala-filled marvel. The occasional comic relief struggles to alleviate the weight of the dysfunctional screenplay. The Bollywood-style horse riding scene, while briefly entertaining, does not rescue the film from its shortcomings.

Acting Performances

Bella Campen’s expressive acting stands out, complemented by a humorous dynamic with her team. Bright Vachirawit excels in his role, but limited dialogue leaves room for improvement. Mahir Pandhi and Anahita Bhooshan’s attempts at comic relief fall flat, becoming stagnant elements in the story.

Final Verdict: A Niche Appeal

While “Congrats, My Ex!” falls short of creating fusion magic, it caters to fans of the lead actors rather than a broader audience. The film’s Bollywood-style elements and grand Indian wedding setting can only carry it so far, as the plot’s inconsistencies become hard to ignore.

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