Bobby Deol And Son Aryaman Serve Good Looks In Latest Instagram Photos – Fans’ Adoration Ensues!

Renowned actor Bobby Deol, known for his recent success in the film Animal, has delighted fans with striking photos featuring him and his son Aryaman Deol. The Instagram post has sparked widespread admiration, with even Bollywood actress Preity Zinta expressing her reaction to the captivating images.

Bobby Deol’s Post-Animal Triumph Eclipsed by Stylish Father-Son Duo

Bobby Deol’s Latest Instagram Post

In the wake of the triumph of his recent film Animal, where he portrayed the antagonist Abrar Haque alongside Ranbir Kapoor, Bobby Deol has shifted the spotlight to a more personal affair. On a Wednesday morning, he shared remarkable photos capturing moments with his son Aryaman Deol.

Captivating Fashion Elegance in Viral Instagram Snaps

Dashing in Black Formal Suits

"Bobby Deol shares captivating photos with son Aryaman on Instagram, setting the internet abuzz with admiration. Preity Zinta joins the fans in celebrating the stylish duo."

The shared pictures depict the father-son duo dressed impeccably in black formal suits, radiating an undeniable charm. The fashion elegance displayed in the images quickly went viral on Instagram, amassing thousands of likes in a short span. Notably, even Preity Zinta couldn’t resist reacting to the photos, showering them with heart and fire emojis.

Fan Reactions Overflow as Social Media Hails Handsome Deols

Social Media Frenzy

The Instagram post led to a frenzy of positive reactions from fans, with comments pouring in praising the genetic attractiveness within the Deol family. One fan remarked, “All handsome genes in one family,” while another expressed gratitude to Bobby Deol for sharing such lovely pictures of the “handsome men in one frame.”

Bobby Deol’s Insights on Sons’ Bollywood Aspirations

Future Plans for Aryaman Deol in Bollywood

In a recent interview with India Today, Bobby Deol shared insights into his sons’ potential entry into the film industry. Although confirming their interest in show business, he emphasized that Aryaman Deol and Dharam Deol are currently too young. He hinted at their potential entry into the industry in the next 3-4 years.

Bobby Deol, amid his professional success, continues to captivate fans not only with his acting prowess but also by sharing glimpses of his personal life, keeping the audience eagerly anticipating the next move from the talented Deol family.

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