Bigg Boss 17, Dec 29: Mannara Chopra Reveals Ayesha Khan’s Alleged Plan To Harm Munawar Faruqui’s Image

In a dramatic turn of events on the Dec 29 episode of Bigg Boss 17, the show featured a court session to address the complex relationships involving Munawar Faruqui, Ayesha Khan, Mannara Chopra, and other contestants. The court session, with Ankita Lokhande serving as Munawar’s lawyer and Vicky Jain as Bigg Boss’ lawyer, aimed to clarify the accusations against Munawar.

Ayesha Khan’s Damaging Presence

"Mannara Chopra drops a bombshell in Bigg Boss 17, accusing Ayesha Khan of entering the show to tarnish Munawar Faruqui's public image. Read more!"

During the court session, accusations outlined in a note from Bigg Boss were addressed by Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande. Judges Arun Mashettey and Aoora declared Munawar guilty. Ayesha Khan took the opportunity to share her side of the story, revealing details about Munawar’s alleged double-dating with her and his ex-girlfriend Nazila Sitaishi.

Emotional Aftermath

Post-court session, Munawar Faruqui, distressed by the personal attacks, broke down. Mannara Chopra expressed her desire to talk to Munawar, with Ankita encouraging her to support him as a friend. The two reconciled and discussed the misunderstandings.

Ayesha Khan’s Alleged Image Damage

In a subsequent conversation, Mannara Chopra shared her concerns with Munawar about Ayesha’s potential damage to his image. Encouraging him to clarify his feelings towards Ayesha, Mannara questioned whether Ayesha would stay loyal to him throughout the show. Munawar, torn between emotions, expressed his desire to resolve personal issues before making any decisions.

Mannara’s Perspective

Mannara emphasized that true love wouldn’t involve harming the other person under any circumstances, expressing disbelief that she would ever enter the show if in Ayesha’s position. Munawar, reflecting on Ayesha’s actions, acknowledged the potential hurt caused.

A Lesson in Clarity

Mannara advised Munawar that Ayesha should have sought clarity from Nazila before engaging with him on the show. Despite the ongoing drama, she encouraged Munawar to focus on his game.

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