Barun Sobti Opens Up On Rakshak – India’s Braves: Chapter 2 Shoot Challenges

In an exclusive video, actor Barun Sobti opens up about the challenging ordeal he faced while filming for Rakshak – India’s Braves: Chapter 2. The actor delves into the struggles of shooting in extremely cold conditions, with temperatures dipping as low as -3 degrees.

Frozen Challenges on Set

Sobti’s Reflections on -3 Degree Shoot

"Actor Barun Sobti shares the intense experience of shooting in -3°C for Rakshak – India’s Braves: Chapter 2. A firsthand account of the challenges faced on set and a sneak peek into the upcoming chapter."

Barun Sobti candidly shares his firsthand experience battling the elements during the filming of Rakshak – India’s Braves: Chapter 2. In this exclusive video, the actor recounts the hardships of working in sub-zero temperatures, highlighting the demanding conditions faced by the cast and crew.

The Unforgiving Weather

Navigating Harsh Shooting Conditions

The video provides a glimpse into the unforgiving weather conditions that the team encountered on set. Barun Sobti reflects on the resilience required to shoot in such extreme cold, shedding light on the dedication and determination exhibited by everyone involved in the project.

Insights into Chapter 2

Barun Sobti’s Perspective

Beyond the climatic challenges, Sobti shares insights into the upcoming chapter of Rakshak – India’s Braves. Gain a deeper understanding of the actor’s perspective on the narrative and the unique aspects that make Chapter 2 a compelling addition to the series.

A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

Exclusive Look at the Making

Delve into the behind-the-scenes world of Rakshak – India’s Braves: Chapter 2 with this exclusive video featuring Barun Sobti. Get a sneak peek into the making of the series, capturing the dedication and hard work invested in bringing this gripping story to life.

Barun Sobti’s Triumph Over Adversity

In this exclusive video, Barun Sobti’s recollections serve as a testament to the dedication and perseverance required to create compelling content in challenging conditions. Rakshak – India’s Braves: Chapter 2 promises not only a riveting storyline but also a glimpse into the resilience of the team that faced adverse weather to bring this project to fruition.

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