Author Yashica Dutt Slams “Made In Heaven 2” Makers For Not Crediting Her Work In Radhika Apte’s Episode

The recently released second season of “Made In Heaven” has ignited controversy as author Yashica Dutt accuses the show’s makers of using her work without giving her due credit. The web-series, known for its engaging themes and marvellous cast, including Sobhita Dhulipala and Arjun Mathur, has drawn attention for its portrayal of same-sex relationships and marriages. However, Yashica Dutt’s claims highlight a different aspect of the show’s production.

The Backlash from Yashica Dutt

Made In Heaven Season 2 is embroiled in controversy as author Yashica Dutt publicly criticizes the show's creators for utilizing her work without consent or due credit in the episode featuring Radhika Apte. The author's allegations have ignited discussions about proper attribution and representation in media.

In a social media post, Yashica Dutt, a Columbia University alum and author of “Coming Out As Dalit,” alleges that the makers of “Made In Heaven” utilized her work without consent and without providing proper credit. The heart of the dispute centers around the character portrayed by Radhika Apte in the show’s fifth episode, “The Heart Skipped a Beat,” which depicts a Dalit wedding. Dutt asserts that this character is based on her own life, and her words were used without permission, leaving her name absent from the credits.

An Author’s Perspective

Yashica Dutt’s post delves into the emotional impact of seeing her ideas and experiences on screen without recognition. She describes the surreal experience of witnessing a version of her life depicted on screen, only to be left heartbroken by the absence of her name. Dutt highlights the historical erasure of Dalits’ contributions and expresses her determination to reclaim her work and worth.

Makers Respond

Although Yashica Dutt’s name eventually appeared in the list of contributors, it is suggested that this inclusion only happened after public outcry questioned its absence. Dutt concludes her post by appealing to the creators of the show, Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti, to acknowledge her life and her work.

The Impact

The controversy surrounding “Made In Heaven” raises important questions about intellectual property, representation, and credit in the entertainment industry. Yashica Dutt’s claims highlight the ongoing struggle for marginalized voices to receive proper recognition for their contributions.

About Made In Heaven Season 2

The second season of “Made In Heaven” was released on August 10, featuring leading actors Sobhita Dhulipala and Arjun Mathur. The show explores themes of same-sex relationships and marriages, while also drawing attention to issues like Dalit representation. Additional actors, including Mona Singh, Trinetra Haldar, and Ishwak Singh, played significant roles in the series.

The controversy surrounding “Made In Heaven” reminds us of the importance of giving credit where credit is due. As the entertainment industry strives for inclusivity and authentic representation, it is crucial to recognize and respect the voices that contribute to the rich tapestry of storytelling.

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