AR Rahman On Nepotism, Legacy, And His Children’s Musical Journey

The music industry’s ongoing debate surrounding nepotism has found a new voice in the form of the globally acclaimed musician, singer, and composer, AR Rahman. In a recent interview, Rahman shared his candid views on this controversial subject. Notably, his three children—Khatika, Raheema, and Ameen—are all actively engaged in the field of music, with particular focus on Khatija and Ameen. Rahman expressed his desire for their individual musical careers to flourish, shedding light on his hopes for their success.

AR Rahman speaks about nepotism, his legacy, and his children's musical pursuits in a recent interview with The Hindu.

A Legacy to Uphold

In a conversation with The Hindu, AR Rahman revealed his thoughts on the potential succession of his musical legacy. He conveyed that if his children fail to carry his musical heritage forward, his meticulously curated creative space could transform into something mundane. He highlighted the prevalent use of the term “nepotism” in contemporary discussions and recognized the importance of his children’s involvement in preserving his musical empire. Rahman’s passion and care have been poured into every corner of his studio, and he envisions his children continuing his legacy.

Musically Inclined Offspring

Rahman also took the opportunity to discuss his daughter Khatija and son Ameen’s musical achievements. Proudly acknowledging his daughter’s dedication to music, he shared her rendition of popular songs, including “Chinnanjiru (Marumurai)” from the Tamil version of “Ponniyin Selvan II,” “Minnanchula Vennelaa (Reprise)” from the Telugu version, and “Mera Aasmaan Jal Gaya (Reprise)” from the Hindi version. Khatija’s talents have been recognized within the industry, and she has further solidified her connection by marrying Riyasdeen Shaik Mohamed, a live sound engineer for AR Rahman.

Ameen’s Musical Journey

On another note, Rahman spoke about his son Ameen, who has also made his mark in the music industry. Ameen’s notable contributions include the touching song “Never Say Goodbye” for the film “Dil Bechara,” and his most recent endeavor, the song “Veerane” for the Tamil film “Maamannan.” Rahman’s children continue to carve their musical paths while honoring their father’s musical legacy.

Nurturing Legacy and Financial Wisdom

Rahman’s interview offered insights into his commitment to imparting the importance of carrying forward his legacy to his children. He emphasized the value of financial acumen and the lessons he learned from personal struggles. With candor, Rahman discussed the family’s history of financial challenges, which has shaped him into the person he is today. He expressed his desire for his children to be well-informed about every aspect of his life, including his financial decisions and challenges. This transparent approach stems from his belief that grounded decisions arise from an awareness of one’s circumstances. Rahman aims to equip his children with the knowledge and skills needed to face life’s challenges with resilience.

On the Horizon

Currently, AR Rahman is engaged in various projects, including a collaboration with filmmaker Mani Ratnam, starring legendary actor Kamal Haasan. His commitments span across multiple languages, with projects lined up in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu cinema. Rahman’s musical journey continues to evolve, and his impact on the industry remains as strong as ever.

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