AP Dhillon’s Response To Shubh’s Khalistan Controversy And Call For Unity

In a heartfelt response to the recent Khalistan controversy involving Shubh, AP Dhillon, the renowned singer of “With You,” speaks out against what he considers a political agenda.

Shubh’s Controversial Map Sparks Outrage

"AP Dhillon addresses the Khalistan controversy surrounding Shubh and advocates for unity amid the political agenda."

The controversy ignited when Shubhneet Singh, known as Shubh, shared a controversial map of India, leading to accusations of promoting Khalistani ideology. This incident gained momentum as prominent figures like Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, and Hardik Pandya reportedly unfollowed the Canadian singer.

Consequences Unfold for Shubh

The fallout from Shubh’s post has been severe, with both citizens and political parties condemning him. Additionally, his planned Indian tour faced cancellation due to the widespread backlash.

AP Dhillon’s Call for Unity and Love

Amid the controversy, Canada-based AP Dhillon took to his Instagram to express his thoughts on the matter. He lamented the challenges artists face in navigating the social media frenzy and discussed the constant manipulation of their public image by special interest and political groups. Dhillon advocated for unity and urged people to reject divisive influences.

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