Anurag Kashyap Opens Up About How Made In Heaven 2 Controversy Affected Neeraj Ghaywan

Anurag Kashyap, a prominent figure in Bollywood’s film industry, has shared insights into the turmoil faced by director Neeraj Ghaywan during the ‘Made In Heaven 2’ controversy. This controversy has shed light on the challenges of integrity and cancel culture in the entertainment world.

A Respected Figure in Bollywood

 Renowned filmmaker Anurag Kashyap sheds light on the profound impact of the Made In Heaven 2 controversy on director Neeraj Ghaywan.

Anurag Kashyap is known for his influential contributions to the Indian film industry. He has not only created impactful films but has also played a pivotal role in launching the careers of numerous actors and filmmakers. One such talent he nurtured is Neeraj Ghaywan, who started as Kashyap’s assistant and has now become a director in his own right.

Anurag Kashyap’s Revelation

In an interview with Film Companion, Anurag Kashyap candidly discussed his conversation with Neeraj Ghaywan during the ‘Made In Heaven 2’ controversy. He highlighted the exceptional integrity of Ghaywan, describing him as someone deeply respected and beloved in the industry. Kashyap expressed his astonishment at witnessing Ghaywan being swiftly subjected to cancel culture.

The Impact on Neeraj Ghaywan

Anurag Kashyap revealed that during their conversation, he noticed the profound impact the controversy had on Neeraj Ghaywan. Ghaywan’s voice was trembling as he spoke, indicating the emotional toll it had taken on him. Kashyap admitted feeling genuinely upset about the entire ordeal, raising questions about the necessity of defending someone who has been unjustly attacked and canceled.

The ‘Made In Heaven 2’ Controversy

The controversy surrounding ‘Made In Heaven 2’ stemmed from allegations by Dalit author Yashica Dutt, who claimed that the show’s makers had borrowed heavily from her life for the series. She specifically pointed out that the character of Radhika Apte was inspired by her life but received insufficient credit. In response, the show’s team issued a joint statement asserting that the character and the story were entirely fictional.

Varied Responses

The controversy led to a range of responses from different parties involved. Yashica Dutt contended that the makers had met her and discussed her life without informing her about their intentions. Alankrita Srivastav, one of the show’s directors, mentioned that the meeting with Dutt occurred almost a year after the shooting of the series had concluded.

Positive Reception for ‘Made In Heaven 2’

Despite the controversy, ‘Made In Heaven 2,’ directed by Zoya Akhtar, Neeraj Ghaywan, Nitya Mehra, Reema Kagti, and Alankrita Shrivastava, received a positive response upon its release. The show was praised for its progressive themes.

Anurag Kashyap’s revelations shed light on the emotional toll controversies can have on individuals in the entertainment industry, even those with impeccable reputations like Neeraj Ghaywan. The ‘Made In Heaven 2’ controversy serves as a reminder of the complex dynamics within the world of entertainment, where integrity and credit are of utmost importance.

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