Amazon Music Teases New Beyoncé Project With Bee Emojis In Cryptic Post

Amazon Music recently posted a cryptic tweet hinting at a new Beyoncé project, leaving fans intrigued. The tweet, dated September 12, 2023, contained bee emojis and held several clues. Here’s what we know so far.

The Bee Emojis Unveil Beyoncé

 Amazon Music's cryptic tweet hints at a new Beyoncé project, Drop 4.0, featuring exclusive merchandise.

While the tweet didn’t mention Beyoncé by name, it was the bee emojis that pointed to her involvement. The 20-second video included a piece of music and displayed the text “This a reminder.” Interestingly, the video’s title was “AM_FLIPBOOK_TEASER_1x1_v1.mp4,” sparking discussions about what a “flipbook” might signify. The caption, “DROP 4.0 LOADING,” revealed that this was related to Beyoncé’s concert merchandise.

Beyoncé’s Collaboration with Amazon

According to AboutAmazon, Beyoncé had partnered with Amazon Music for the RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR Exclusive Online Collection. This collaboration offered fans an exclusive range of merchandise available through Beyoncé’s official Amazon Store and the Amazon Music Artist Merch Shop. The collection was divided into three drops, and the tweet hinted at the upcoming fourth drop.

In Drop 1.0, fans found premium tees, sweatshirts, pants, and a lithograph-style poster featuring iconic RENAISSANCE artwork. Drop 2.0 introduced custom graphic tees and an exclusive sticker pack with unique designs. The latest addition, Drop 3.0, included hoodies, a tote bag, a cap, and a tee featuring Renaissance world tour iconography. With the announcement of Drop 4.0, fans can expect a new theme and exciting merchandise.

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