Alia Bhatt And Kareena Kapoor Khan Spill the Beans On Koffee With Karan 8: Karan Johar’s Movie Casting Secrets Revealed!

Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor Khan recently created a buzz on the internet with their joint appearance, sparking speculation about a collaboration. The duo, set to feature on Koffee with Karan 8, finally addressed the longstanding question of being cast together in a Karan Johar movie.

The Teaser

In a promo released ahead of the Koffee with Karan 8 episode, Alia and Kareena engage in a game to determine who knows Karan Johar best. The much-anticipated episode promises entertaining insights into their camaraderie.

The Roast Game

"Join Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor Khan on Koffee with Karan 8 as they spill exciting details about being cast together in a Karan Johar movie. The episode promises laughter, insights, and the revelation of movie casting secrets!"

The highlight of the episode is a game titled “Who’s got the right roast?” where the actresses answer questions about Karan Johar. When asked about being cast together, Alia hints at discussions already happening, with Karan revealing plans for a joint project.

Witty Moments

Adding a touch of humor, Kareena responds to questions about Karan’s coffee preferences and selfie side. The duo also recreates Karan’s signature dance step. Alia playfully refers to Kareena’s iconic track for Poo from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, “It’s Raining Men,” as the song that best describes Karan.

Blockbuster Recipe

In a lighthearted moment, the actresses suggest ingredients for a blockbuster Karan Johar movie. Alia jokingly proposes “Bebo plus Karan,” while Kareena opts for “Alia.” The banter concludes with Alia humorously stating, “Everybody wants Karan.”

The Koffee with Karan 8 episode featuring Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor Khan promises laughter, insights, and revelations about their equation with Karan Johar. Fans eagerly await the on-screen chemistry between these two Bollywood divas.

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