Adele’s Struggle: Quitting Coffee Proves Tougher Than Giving Up Weed

Adele, the renowned British pop star, has candidly revealed her struggle with quitting coffee, stating that the process has proven to be even tougher than giving up smoking weed. She disclosed that her decision to quit coffee has left her battling horrible migraines, emphasizing the difficulty of overcoming her caffeine addiction. Despite the challenges, Adele found solace in performing on stage, which has provided relief from the withdrawal symptoms.

Adrenaline and Caffeine: A Connection for Adele

Adele discusses her challenge in quitting coffee, admitting it's even tougher than giving up weed. Read about her battle with caffeine withdrawal.

In a recent gig in Las Vegas, Adele shared her personal journey of attempting to quit coffee with her audience. She humorously compared the effects of quitting coffee to her experiences with quitting smoking weed. The artist also noted an interesting observation: she feels a similar boost of well-being from both adrenaline and caffeine. This insight has contributed to her determination to overcome her coffee addiction.

A Struggle Marked by Migraines and Withdrawal Symptoms

Adele’s decision to quit coffee was accompanied by intense withdrawal symptoms, including splitting headaches and discomfort. She recounted the challenges of dealing with a pounding headache and even referred to the sensation as having a “drill inside [her] head.” Despite these challenges, she expressed her refusal to give in to the withdrawal symptoms and even resorted to drinking decaf coffee in an attempt to trick her brain.

The Stage as a Source of Relief

Interestingly, Adele found that performing on stage and receiving the energy and support from her audience had a positive impact on her withdrawal symptoms. She humorously remarked that the connection between caffeine and adrenaline might explain why she experienced relief when on stage, even joking about the possibility of having “the shakes” due to caffeine withdrawal.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms for Coffee Addicts

Adele’s experience with quitting coffee sheds light on the common withdrawal symptoms faced by those attempting to overcome caffeine addiction. Splitting headaches, lack of focus, irritability, insomnia, and, in rare cases, narcolepsy are all known effects of quitting caffeine. Adele’s journey serves as a relatable example for others facing similar challenges.

Adele’s Previous Struggles with Smoking

Beyond her coffee addiction, Adele has also faced challenges with smoking. Her past as a chain-smoker led to the gradual loss of her voice. In 2011, she made the difficult decision to quit smoking, even canceling shows to prioritize her health. Doctors warned her of the potential permanent damage to her career and her life if she didn’t quit smoking due to the risk of lung and throat cancer.

In her ongoing journey to overcome addiction and prioritize her well-being, Adele serves as an inspiration to many facing similar battles. Her candidness about her struggles highlights the importance of self-care and the challenges that can come with making positive changes.

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