Adam Silver Sheds Light On Why Josh Giddey Remains Unsuspended Amid NBA Controversy

Despite allegations of an inappropriate relationship with minor Liv Cook two years ago, Josh Giddey of the Oklahoma City Thunder continues to play actively, prompting concerns within the NBA.

Adam Silver’s Update on Josh Giddey’s Case

"NBA Commissioner Adam Silver clarifies the ongoing Josh Giddey controversy, emphasizing the need for criminal findings before considering league action."

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently addressed the ongoing investigation into Josh Giddey’s case on ESPN’s NBA Today. Silver emphasized the necessity of criminal findings before league action and explained the league’s stance on player suspensions based on accusations.

Slow Progress of Criminal Investigation

Silver mentioned that, according to USA Today, a player is typically not suspended solely based on an accusation. As of now, the criminal investigation is pending, and its progress is hindered by the reported lack of collaboration from both the family and the minor involved.

Potential NBA Penalties Await Investigation Conclusion

The NBA may only take action against Giddey after the Newport Beach Police Department concludes its investigation. However, the uncertainty surrounding Liv Cook’s parents’ reported uncooperative stance leaves the conclusion timeline uncertain.

Complex Player Suspension Policies in the NBA

In terms of suspending players based on allegations, the NBA’s policy is complex and depends on various factors outlined in the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement. The league’s actions may range from fines to suspensions, and even dismissal in cases of domestic abuse, sexual assault, or child abuse.

Giddey’s Troubled Journey Despite Participation

Despite being legally able to participate in games, Giddey faces persistent questions and booing on the basketball court due to the ongoing controversy. The legal age of consent in Oklahoma, where the events transpired, is 16.

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